P/N 905181

Qik Start

CAN-NET Education Kit

CAN Cnt+Node 4A.jpg (41161 bytes)Supports Students, Engineers, and Hobbyists in learning how to work with the basics of CAN Communication Networks. The bench top kit is pre-assembled and ready to use in the lab. It is designed around a family of cost effective and easy to use Microcontoller and CAN Network interface products produced by Microchip. Use existing or write your own code to control the PICmicros with the CAN Network. Add plug in expansion cards to increase capability. The kit includes software to demonstrate a working network.

The kit consists of:

(1) Qik Start CAN Education Board (905185) with LCD readout, matrix keypad, 2 potentiometers, 8 LEDs, RS-232 or RS-485 interface, In Circuit Debugger (ICD) and a CAN port so that actual bench experiments can be tied to equipment. The ICD capability of the PICmicro 16F877 flash part makes for easy programming, changes and testing. All controller pins are available for interconnection.

(1) CAN Node Board (905186) is the node interface. It features a 4 position dip switch for setting the Node ID using Microchip MCP 2510 CAN interface chip. The board uses a microchip 16F876 microcontroller with ICD capability. Several optional expansion cards can be plugged into the 15 pin expansion connector.

(1) CAN Demonstration I/O Board (905187) provides a potentiometer, LED switch, and incandescent lamp for exercising basic analog and digital Input/Output signals.

The Kit can be expanded by adding more CAN Node Boards and Expansion   Boards (see chart below).

Use the kit to:

Microchip app-note AN212b authored by Diversified Engineering

Microchip app-note AN816a authored by Diversified Engineering

Can Support and software download.


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905181 Qik Start CAN-NET Education Kit, which includes 905185 Education Board, 905186 Node Board, 905187 Demo I/O Board, harness and instructions $ 283.00


905185 CAN-NET Education Board $ 170.00


905186 CAN-NET Node Board (no I/O board included) $   78.00


905187 CAN-NET I/O Board (Plugs into 905186) $   42.00


905188 CAN-NET LCD Node Kit, includes 905186 Node Board $ 156.00


905189 CAN-NET Analog Output Kit, includes 905186 Node Board $ 146.00


905190 CAN-NET Analog Input Kit, includes 905186 Node Board $ 176.00


905191 CAN-NET Prototype Board (Plugs into 905186) $   43.00


905192 CAN-NET I/O Kit, includes 905186 Node Board $120.00


905194 CAN-NET I/O Expander Node $88.90



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